Tea Party Insiders

Tea Party Symbolism

The recent Tea Party movement is based on the symbolism and spirit of the Boston Tea Party, an early demonstration during the infancy and formation of the country, by freedom loving Americans, against tyranny and excessive taxation.

Tea Party – Spirit & Initiative

This resurgence of the Tea Party spirit and initiative comes at a time when the freedoms of “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness” that we enjoy are be threatened. The Tea Party initiative is a grass root movement by Admirable, Patriotic, Freedom Loving Americans, exercising their rights as citizens to stand up for their constitutional and civil liberties to secure the future for themselves and generations to come. They have proved that individually and in cooperation with other like minded people , that they are a formidable and successful force for good.

Tea Party – Worldwide Affinity

Although, the Tea Party’s symbolism  has its’ root in America’s history and formation, its’ spirit for the love of freedom and disdain for tyranny is shared by like minded people around the world.

This has to be a wake-up call for all of us and regardless what the future holds we must be vigilant to Secure Liberty for ourselves and our children. We need to remain actively involved in all levels of governmental existence.

As Tea Party Insiders, we must infiltrate and actively participate in the selection of all levels of elected positions, School Districts, Town, County, State and Federal positions for both parties to insure that the best of the best is elected to accurately represent and serve the will of the people.

All elected officials need to be judged not according to their party affiliation, but according to their record of service and be held accountable. We must not have allegiance towards any party but instead to the values and principles our country was founded on, to our country, to each other and our children.

All organizations are changed for the better, peacefully from the inside out. We must be Tea Party Insiders to effect this positive change in the spirit of the Tea Party movement, with commitment and dedication to secure liberty, freedom and justice for all.

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