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Social Conscience

Social Conscience Any society worthy of existence and growth, must be built on a foundation of Social Conscience with the cornerstones of Faith, Morality, Truth and Integrity.

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Tea Party Insiders

Tea Party Symbolism The recent Tea Party movement is based on the symbolism and spirit of the Boston Tea Party, an early demonstration during the infancy and formation of the country, by freedom loving Americans, against tyranny and excessive taxation. Tea … Continue reading

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Secure Liberty

Preserve Freedom & Secure Liberty “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both” Benjamin Franklin We must come together to protect, preserve and defend our God Given Freedoms … Continue reading

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O America

Love of Country does not mean distain for anyone else’s unless they mean you harm. Continue reading

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A Message from God

The Message is: “Come together on Higher Common Ground, irrespective of whatever differences may exist and live your lives in harmony by example to one another or perish. The high ground shall be referred to as High Faith and those living by example shall be referred to as High Way Travelers. High Way Travelers will share a universal bond of respect and support. Everyone’s individual rights and autonomy are to be respected and protected, as long as they are not harmful to others.” Continue reading

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Opposing Philosophies (Political – Social – Economic)

We as individuals and societies must discern between Opposing Philosophies and pursue those which provide Growth Opportunity for a meaningful life of achievement and contribution. Continue reading

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Heart of a Champion

Heart of a Champion This message is directed to every single person on this planet. I do not care where you live, your status or any other differences you feel may differentiate us from one another. I believe, as spiritual … Continue reading

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Are Caged Animals Happy?

Would you be happy confined and on display? We like these other noble species are meant to be free. Instead, we have confined them for our enjoyment and servitude. We have striped them of their dignity and reduced them to … Continue reading

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Integrity – Security – Liberty – Compassion – Purpose

It is my sincere hope and prayer that someone reads this and passes it on to others, so that it may resonate throughout the world to change human existence for the better. My heart breaks to see the hostility, atrocities … Continue reading

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The True Meaning of Words

Words often have a variety of meanings, but to understand the true meaning you must discern the intent of their use. Such words as enable, caring, sharing, fairness, etc., that seem wholesome and good on the surface may actually be … Continue reading

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