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Relationships of all kinds have to be nurtured and cared for to survive and thrive. Personal growth requires social skills necessary to form meaningful relationships. To share with others add another level of personal achievement and fulfillment.

Relationships & Contracts

Contrary to normal building fundamentals, to form a solid base for relationships one most start from the top and work down. The first step is to be in concert with God. Relationships are formed when two agree to form a union for the mutual benefit of both. As long as that condition exists, that supportive union is blessed with harmony and joy.

Relationships are not to be taken lightly or frivolous. Relationships require commitment, diligent effort and at times self-sacrifice, but the rewards are great. Relationships profit from companionship, to share joyous times and support during troubled times. Just as with our relationship with God, extended relationships have to be in concert with the Will of God in order to receive all the blessings to grow strong and be fruitful.

All relationships are contractual in the sight of God, regardless if implied or written. To the degree that both parties honor the contract, it is blessed. To the degree that either party dishonors the contract, it is cursed, until resolved. A damaged agreement must be renewed and ratified by the injured party to be valid again. If the breached contract cannot be mended, than the contract is broken and the injured party is free to pursue relief.

Should there be innocent parties involved in the contract, their rights and well-being are to be considered, protected and cared for. The party who breaks the contract has dissolved the union and is excluded from its’ benefits, except by grace from the injured party, but is still responsible for its’ obligations. Grounds for dissolving a contract are abuse, addiction, apathy, disloyalty, misconduct or mutual consent.

Networking Relationships

Once valuable relationships are established, the can often provide advantages to job openings, career advancement and business opportunities. Social Networks have become a phenomena growing exponentially simply we are social individuals desiring communication and association with others as a result Digital Relationship Marketing is flourishing.

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