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Knowledge is the Basis for Understanding, Truth, Liberation and Power.

Knowledge is the acquisition of facts, information and skills obtained from education and experience to create a logical understanding of the situation or condition. Knowledge has also been defined as “justified true belief”.

Intelligence is the ability to use knowledge gained through perception, learning, communication, association and reasoning to asses a particular situation and act intuitively and appropriately.

Knowledge is a the personal responsibility of each of us to acquire for ourselves in order to achieve our full growth potential. We must scrutinize all forms of education we are exposed to and selectively accept only that which we believe to be grounded in truth and crucial to our personal  and professional growth.

A vast resource of knowledge, on a wide range of subjects, is available through variety of media is available to you through the portal offered below. All you have to do is search the data base and select those items which you believe to beneficial to you.

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Knowledge is acquired from study and experience.

Proficiency is achieved through coaching and practice.

Success is the result of desire, knowledge, focus, discipline and proficiency.

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