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Feel Good – (Health) – Look Good

It is of the utmost importance to our personal growth to improve and maintain our mental and physical well being. Good health is essential to sustain the quality and length of life.

Health is an inside job, your mind and body react accordingly to the type of nutrition you feed them. Beauty and attraction are the outside reflection of the health that resides within.

Good Health = Mind + Body + Spirit

Our bodies are the vehicles which carry us through life and our minds provide the guidance system to negotiate the journey to the best of our ability. Good Health depends on proper nutrition, activity and relaxation.

Men, women and children require a variety of needs and considerations to ensure their good health. Good Health comes in stages. The first stage is preparation and growth, which is becoming the best you can be. The second, preservation and prevention, which is maintaining  the status quo. The third, is repair and renew, which is recovering from a setback and restoring your health to it’s original condition if possible. In order for our body, mind and spirit to function to peak proficiency, we must treat our personal health and well-being with reverence and self-discipline.

Considerations and influences on our health include, Fitness, Feel Good, Beauty, Look Good, Life, Men, Women, Children, food, drugs, alcohol, disease, infection, safety, physical, mental and sexual health.

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Good Health is the result of Self-Discipline and Appropriate Action

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