An Ideal Healthcare System

An Ideal Healthcare System

As articulated by Doctor Ben Carson, “An Ideal Healthcare System” has certain aspects which are beneficial to all American citizens.  First, politics and government intervention has to be removed from the process. Then the following steps must be woven into the fabric of a cohesive affordable health system, under a competitive free market network.

Steps to Healthcare

  • Healthcare needs Tort Reform
  • Healthcare Savings Accounts
  • Policies for Basic Medical Care
  • Ability to choose Personal Medical Options from a Cafeteria Plan
  • Catastrophic Healthcare Policies
  • Open Competition across state lines

Healthcare by the People for the People

I believe this simple framework places the control of a persons healthcare destiny back in the hands of the people where it belongs. Tort reform and open competition will help reduce cost and pricing. Healthcare Savings Accounts will help people leverage by having the flexibility to either use their savings for medical benefit if needed or retain it for financial security. With policies that cover Basic, Catastrophic and options for specific medical need selection, you cover all aspects of Medical Coverage, while having the ability to personalize your coverage to meet your specific needs and contain your individual expense.

In addition, for those people with specific hardship needs and limited resources, I believe the American People have always proven themselves to be caring and compassionate and I do not see why a foundation cannot be established to help individuals and families in need. After all, isn’t that what “The Golden Rule” is all about?

We don’t need or want the government to take care of us. We want to take care of ourselves and each other. The choice should be ours not theirs.


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