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Hello everyone, my name is Daniel. This lifestyle site represents the essence of my lifestyle and the knowledge gained from my journey and experiences. It is offered to help us get acquainted and provide some knowledge and understanding that will, hopefully, benefit you.

Lifestyle Experience

I have broad experience in Strategic Planning, Administration, Management, Consulting, Marketing, Networking, Systems, Processes, Financial Services and Real Estate.

Some positions I have held are: National Training Director, National Contract Administrator, Senior Vice President of Banking, Group Manager, Internal Consultant and Real Estate, Insurance and Securities Broker.

Lifestyle Purpose

Over the years, I have pursued a process of personal review to discover my interests, career  and purpose in life. In the final analysis, I realized that I have a variety of interests (as demonstrated in this site), but decided whatever I did must ideally have three specific characteristics. First, it must be of value to others, second, it must provided the freedom to do it anywhere at anytime and third, it must provide appropriate compensation.

To accomplish this I formed  “Growth Opportunity” (GrowthOp) to make a living as an Educator, Advocate and Coach for others; based on admirable principles and values.

My dilemma has always been: with such a variety of interests, how do I channel my efforts into a s single focus in order to achieve a desired outcome. At last, I have come to the realization that “You – are My Focus.” My interests and experiences are merely the ground work to pave the way for a Life of Fulfillment.

This Financial Lifestyle Site addresses many topics, for specific information, either click on the underlined Topic Heading, or go to the drop down menu of “Categories of Interest” on the right hand side of this page.

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